Large format printing: The art of standing out with an exhibition stand

13 March 2024

In the arena of trade shows and trade fairs, large format presents itself as a powerful weapon to stand out. Whether presenting products, promoting a brand or simply captivating the audience, large format prints offer a limitless creative palette.

A commanding presence

Imagine walking in a trade show. Your eyes are drawn to an exhibition stand with striking visuals, bright colors and images that seem to wrap you. It is the power of large format printing. It creates an imposing visual presence that captivates visitors from the first glance.

Creative flexibility

Large format printing is not limited to simple posters or banners. Thanks to technological advances, the possibilities are endless. Monumental road signs with entire walls covered with images and/or impactful videos, through elaborate displays and thematic decors. This flexibility allows companies to transform their stands into real works of art, captivating the imagination of visitors.

Instant impact

In such a competitive environment, visitors’ attention time is precious and fleeting. Large format printing makes it possible to get a message across instantly and efficiently. Eye-catching graphics and stunning visuals immediately catch the eye, prompting visitors to approach to learn more. It is a unique opportunity to generate interest and create meaningful interactions with the target audience.

Telus SmartHome Security Display Booth

A stronger brand image

An exhibition stand is not only a space to present products or services. It is also a showcase of the company’s brand image. Large format printing reinforces this image by conveying the values, aesthetics and identity of the brand. Large format printing offers a powerful tool to shape and strengthen the brand perception in the minds of visitors.

In the world of trade shows and trade fairs, standing out is essential to attract attention and generate business opportunities. Large format printing offers businesses a powerful way to engage audiences, strengthen their brand and leave a lasting impression. It remains an indispensable element for any exhibition stand that aspires to shine in the spotlight.


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