About us

Over our nearly 30 years of experience in the exhibition industry, we are able to clearly identify your needs to offer you innovative solutions and powerful visuals at your events.

About us
About us

Providing our 360° approach to customer service is what sets us apart from other companies. Our team specializes in booth design and fabrication, large format printing, event logistics, secure exhibit storage and more.

Let us handle all stages of your event, while you concentrate on your message.

As an exhibitor, you want your booth to effectively communicate your message, to optimize your success, while also adapting to your changing budget, time, staff and event requirements. You can count on Nomadic Expo to help you with the design of the booth and the creation of custom-made kiosks depending on your needs. Attract your potential customers with our unique designs tailored to your brand.

Our mission

“There are no clients too small and no projects too big.”

Offering a unique and adapted solution to our customers, while being committed to every project entrusted to us, and making sure that the product is delivered at the highest standard of quality.

Our avantages


In addition to being transparent, Nomadic Expo doesn't hold any surprises back. We are committed to making sure you feel in trusted hands and to provide you with a complete service. We walk you through the entire process of your project, so you can keep an eye on what is going on. All of our quotes are fair, clear, and detailed.


“There are no clients too small and no projects too big.”, which is the core of our mission. Nomadic Expo values each customer as unique and important. We provide individualized service to each client, regardless of project size. Our 360° customer approach makes us unique, and that's what makes our customers loyal.


You can be assured that every Nomadic Expo employee works with a limitless amount of dedication. We take our time to listen to our customers, we provide meticulous planning and thorough research to find the ideal solutions for you. Those are all qualities we value in each of our team members.


Keeping up with industry news and trends is a priority for Nomadic Expo. Training is an important component of our approach ensuring that our team remains sharp and maintains incomparable problem-solving abilities. The constant research of innovative solutions is one of the things that sets us apart from the industry.


There is a saying that experience cannot be bought, which is more than true at Nomadic Expo. Our team is a unique combination of diverse expertise and skills, with close to 30 years experience. When a new problem arises, we do not hesitate to challenge ourselves as a team. Quality products and hard work are the cornerstones of our success.


Get in touch with one of our project managers. You’ll understand what we mean by EXPERIENCE 360°.