Backlit products and PanoLED video wall

PanoLED modular video wall

PanoLED is the ideal element for a personalized, unique and tailor-made immersive visual experience. LED tile technology allows the construction of video walls that can be used in different ways for architectural elements; as a wall-mounted screen, integrated into the Panoramic kiosk range, freestanding or as a sign.

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No technical expertise required

No tools are needed to assemble your booth. Delivered in a transport case, the pre-assembled modules are composed of panels on which the visuals remain attached. Simply connect them together with the easy-to-use connectors.

Cutting-edge LED video technology

Choose this solution that uses a new generation of electronics for exceptional contrast visuals and a captivating experience,

Integrates perfectly with H-Line systems

The visuals have silicone strips that allow an adjustment on the back, to go beyond conventional installation solutions. Thanks to its thin and lightweight frame, the applications are limitless, whether suspended, standing, or integrated into a design.

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