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Xpressions booth

The Xpressions pop-up structure stand incorporates several squares fabric which makes it a unique trade show stand. Its many structural shapes and its ability to combine visuals of all sizes on two depth levels allow multiple configurations and makes every combination unique. The visuals are always fixed on the structure, so assembly and disassembly are simple, quick and intuitive!

Included carry bag Included carry bag
Lightweight Lightweight
Modular Modular
Portable Portable
Sublimation Sublimation
Toolless Toolless



1 x 230.5” x 13” x 60.3”
1 x 333.5” x 12” x 88.5”
2 x 359.5” x 13” x 88.5”
3 x 388.5” x 13” x 88.5”
4 x 3117.5” x 13” x 88.5”
4 x 4117.5” x 14” x 117.5”
Pyramid 385" x 13" x 63.,5"
Pyramid 6125" x 13" x 83.5"
Pyramid 10167" x 13" x 104"
Cross85" x 13" x 83"
Argyle126" x 13" x 83"

Each project is unique, just like yours!

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