Backlit products and PanoLED video wall

Backlit Reflexion booth

The Reflexion backlit portable kiosk is made of an umbrella-type pop-up structure. It is then covered with a fabric inserted with silicone in a straight bar placed on the edges of the structure for a perfect finish. The structure unfolds in a few seconds, assembly and disassembly are within everyone’s reach.

Included carry bag Included carry bag
Lightweight Lightweight
Portable Portable
Sublimation Sublimation
Toolless Toolless

Curved Reflexion


Straight Reflexion

1 x 330" x 89" x 14"
2 x 360" x 89" x 14"
3 x 388,5" x 89" x 14"
4 x 3117.5" x 89" x 14"
5 x 3146" x 89" x 14"
6 x 3Coming soon

Curved Reflexion

3 x 388.5” x 89” x 14”
4 x 3117.5” x 89” x 14”

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