The power of backlit signs at trade shows

19 March 2024

Trade shows are bustling centers of activity where companies compete for participant’s attention amidst a sea of competitors. It is essential to make a lasting impression, and the strategic use of backlit signs can change the situation. These backlit signs offer a unique opportunity to captivate the public, convey brand messages and attract visitors to your booth. But how much does a backlit signs cost? Several factors are considered when setting the price. There are a many variations either standing, hanging on the wall or the ceiling. Let’s see how integrating backlit products into your exhibit booth strategy can help you shine in the exhibition hall.

Create visual impact

Backlit signs offer a brilliant solution by attracting attention with their vibrant lighting. They can be made using frames covered with a sublimation printed fabric. Also, on a rigid media that lets light through, allowing exceptional brightness. You can highlight your logo, the features of your product or present captivating visuals. These high-impact visual elements attract attention and intrigue participants from afar. That encourages them to explore what your stand has to offer.

Improve the visibility of the brand

Backlit signs serve as powerful brand ambassadors, effectively strengthening your company’s identity and messaging. By displaying your logo, slogan and brand colors in a visually striking way, you create a memorable impression that resonates long after the event ends.

Engagement of participants

Trade shows also aim to make meaningful connections with potential customers. Backlit signs can play a central role in this by arousing curiosity and initiating conversations. Whether it’s captivating images, compelling calls to action, interactive elements, or even video panels like our PanoLED product, these panels invite attendees to stop, engage, and learn more about your offerings.

Versatility and customization

One of the main advantages of backlit signs is their versatility and customization options. Whether you opt for an elegant wall display, a freestanding light box or an integrated backdrop for your cabin, the possibilities are virtually endless. In addition, backlit signs can be adapted to align with your specific branding and messaging requirements, ensuring a consistent and impactful presentation that resonates with your target audience.

Maximize visibility, minimize effort

Trade shows are often hectic, with exhibitors juggling multiple tasks and responsibilities. Backlit signs offer a practical solution that maximizes visibility with minimal effort. Once installed, these panels require little maintenance and attract attention throughout the event, allowing you to focus on engaging attendees and driving leads.


In the competitive trade show landscape, every opportunity to stand out and make a good impression is invaluable. Backlit signs offer a winning formula for exhibitors looking to attract attention, enhance their brand presence and engage at these events. With their visually stunning lighting, versatility and ability to captivate the audience, backlit signs serve as a model of success in the vibrant world of trade show marketing. So, next time you’re getting ready for a trade show, consider the transformative power of backlit signs and watch your booth shine among the crowd.


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